Cay Will Make You Smile, Dance, Cry And Think In New EP “AREUOCAY”

In her new EP “AREUOCAY” singer Cay takes listeners for an emotional ride that they are sure to love. The project touches on several topics such as love, friendship and heartbreak in an extremely groovy, vibey fashion.


The project opens up with a song entitled “Fun” that will have listeners dancing for sure. In the song Cay discusses a relationship she is having with a man in which she pretty much has him enticed and enamored with everything she does. In this song Cay is pretty much in control of the relationship and has the upper hand however, this script is quickly flipped in upcoming songs on the project. On “DND” Cays tone becomes more serious as she tells about a rocky relationship in which she finally becomes tired of her partners games and calls it quits. On “Mister” we hear about the travesties of dealing with less than great men and how Cay just wants something real in a relationship. She ends the song and the tape with a warning that all ladies have been able to relate to at some point and simply lets her man know that if he doesn’t get right that “you gon miss me when I’m gone”.


“AREUOCAY” does a wonderful job on touching on all aspects of what dating and relationships are like in this day and age. Although she speaks from a womans standpoint, anyone who listens to the project is sure to hear something they relate to. Check out “AREUOCAY” here!

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